AirSpeed's senior engineering staff in the US and China has 15-20 years individual experience in mechanical part design and multiple manufacturing processes.                                                      

Each project is thoroughly reviewed by AirSpeed's engineering team for design manufacturability. Upfront engineering results in reduced time to production, and reduced costs for the customer.

AirSpeed’s Design for Manufacturing Reviews give customers the most robust product for the best cost of acquisition. A design can be evaluated using various processing methods to provide options for best cost / performance combination.





Logistics & Inventory Management

AirSpeed manages international and domestic shipping , with delivery to port, warehouse or door. Cargo is insured, and inventory is managed by us.



Quality Management

All AirSpeed facilities are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified; and all have visual, documented quality procedures.

Facilities are equipped with CMM and non-contact vision measuring systems. Shop floor equipment includes calipers, height gauges, micrometers, etc. Specialty test and verification equipment includes flammability, salt spray, hardness, environmental conditioning, melt flow indexer, and light sphere testing.

AirSpeed is committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Semi-annual audits are conducted on all manufacturing facilities; and semi-annual business reviews are held with major customers.