AirSpeed was founded in 1995 by Scott Clendenin (independent), Bud Meade (Mercury Aircraft) from the United States; and Mike Klincke (High Speed Production) from the United Kingdom. The partnership was created to provide a global manufacturing supply chain to major electronics OEMs such as IBM and HP.  Clendenin’s background was in plastics manufacturing, while Meade and Klincke brought metal stamping and fabrication to the partnership.

In 1996 a partnership was established in Asia under Besteam Technology to provide tooling to AirSpeed facilities in USA and UK. All tools were produced in Taiwan and were interchangeable in order to provide backup among manufacturing sites. 

In 1999 as production began to shift away from Europe to Asia, AirSpeed established a Hong Kong Company to manage customer orders and grow manufacturing capabilities in China.

In 2000 Clendenin and Meade bought out the interest of High Speed Production, and AirSpeed became a 50/50 partnership. At this time a program was put in place to allow key management the opportunity for future ownership. From 1996 until 2003 AirSpeed produced from two to four million PC and server chassis per year.

In 2001 AirSpeed Investment Group formed a partnership with Fullteam Cables, Ltd. to manufacture cables in China to support PC operations.

By 2004 all PC operations had moved to China, and AirSpeed transferred all production to Besteam Technology. AirSpeed anticipated the maturing of the PC industry, and changed its focus to telecom and industrial products.

In 2007 AirSpeed Investment Group bought out the Fullteam partners and renamed the company AirConnect, and changed the operating license in China to a wholly owned foreign entity (WOFE). By 2011 AirSpeed had outgrown the facility due to expansion into LED lighting and the internal growth of cable customers. A new facility was built in Hengli Town, Dong Guan, China and AirSpeed expanded to include a clean room injection molding facility.

AirSpeed’s most recent investments include die casting in 2008, CNC machining in 2011 and metal spinning in 2012. All AirSpeed facilities and all sub-contractors’ facilities are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.